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Well this was one of those sessions that I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real. The entire session was a sibling session to celebrate Serinas 1yr birthday with traditional Korean clothing, hanboks, as the focus. The girls looked SO cute!

When mom booked this session she was a bit worried about how cooperative the girls would be. I assured we would take our time and allow for them to not feel pressured. The whole time felt like a visit with an old friend and the girls did beyond amazing. My session lengths are longer to accommodate for breaks and unhappy kids 😉

We ended up with so many great pictures it was almost impossible to choose our favourites. There are 6 drop down backdrops in the studio now which allow for a lot of variety very quickly during the sessions. It’s also nice to do a few wardrobe changes to be able to coordinate with different colour backdrops so I encourage clients to bring as many options as they want and we choose what’s best at the beginning of the session.

Possibly the best part of the day was that the girls thought my pretend sneeze was hilarious, like absolutely hilarious lol, in fact they almost laughed too much and so did we. It sure was a fun and memorable day!

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