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Drew and Herman Maternity


I’ve been loving every maternity session these days and Drews’ session was one of my all time favourites. Her and her husband Herman were quite possibly the sweetest couple I’ve met, so in love and so in sync with the most peaceful vibe.

Initially I told Herman he could go sit on the sofa and use the wifi if he wanted while we chose the materials and I made Drews dresses (as this is often what expectant dads want to do) but Herman looked at with a look of “why would I do that?”. He was so excited about everything to do with his up coming babies. He wanted to fully participate in the session in every way possible.

The entire session was a hoot and full of laughs. Drew chose her favourite colours and we made some beautiful dresses. Unfortunately towards the end of the session Drews feet started to really hurt and finishing the session was a challenge for her. She really stick it out and Andrew dress tossed as fast as a man can dress toss lol. I really encourage moms to come into do their session around 32-34 weeks gestation or for twins around 26-28 weeks. This is the time your most comfortable and your belly is a perfect size. Later in your pregnancy it can be much harder to hold poses and stand for long periods. I’m glad we did this session when we did!

I used to despise maternity photography sessions (okay maybe not that bad) but I wasn’t as excited about them as my newborn sessions. Now every maternity session I have is so inspiring to me. I love helping moms to see how beautiful they are. I look forward to creating something more beautiful than ever each maternity session, something you can display as art proudly for years to come. I get so excited for maternity sessions now and can’t wait for each one… so hurry up everyone and book your session before the time has passed. This time is something to remember.

Congratulations again to this beautiful couple. Your love and kindness is so inspiring.

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