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Newborn Baby Nora and Family


Newborn Baby Nora and Family

Newborn sessions that include siblings are always interesting and add more siblings into the mix and it can get even crazier. When baby Nora came in for her session with her sisters I was mentally preparing for the worst but they sure did surprise me. These sisters were so gentle and took direction so well. I still am so in love with the dresses that mom chose for the sibling picture, sure is an added treat when kids come we’ll behaved AND well dressed lol.

As with most newborn sessions that include siblings we stared the session with all the sibling and family pictures first so we don’t loose the attention of the younger ones. The duration of a full newborn session that includes family members is 3-4 hours but a great deal of that time is spent feeding and soothing baby. Once the family portion is completed its up to the parents if they wish to have the siblings stay for the rest or not. Sometimes 4hrs can be a lot for a toddler to handle… although I have enough toys to keep an army of kids entertained so sometimes they are just fine.

When it came time for the family pictures we had a hard time keeping the little photo bombers out of the pictures 😉 This is not the first time this has happened and I always like to include the outtake version in the finals as well. I seriously can’t decide which version I like more.

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