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Nina was one of those wonderful newborn photography sessions where baby was sleepy the entire session. It was heaven! When a baby cooperates this much it sure doesn’t feel like work during the session (parents may disagree with all the feeding and changing they have to do;)

Her parents Diana and Andrew were so friendly and helpful. The session felt like I was hanging out with old friends. It’s always fun when the parents are very excited about the session. You definitely could tell they were both very happy to have baby Nina join their lives and they are so in love with her. Diana had a blast choosing props and headbands, she even brought a little set herself that included a tiara and wings.

I actually hired Diana for future sessions to be my assistant. She was very interested in photography and was thrilled to be able to join me during my next twins photography session. During her session she took lots of cute Polaroids and behind the scenes (which I always love seeing and now have some of on my desk 🙂

Because Nina was such a willing participant we decided to try something a little different and use my blue flower material (thank you for choosing it Diana!) which I usually use for maternity sessions. I love the result and Nina looked beautiful on every colour and in each pose.

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